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85-86 of 86 products

My mom purchased these for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. They are adorable on her but I do agree with other reviewers about the pink coloring not being very noticeable. You have to be pretty close to see the color.

I will add that she's had these earrings in about 5 months and the backs haven't come off, but the posts have bent and will probably need to be cut to get them off when it's time. I won't be able to use them again when we decide to take them out.
love this. no more words to explain. AAAA+++++
to wear
If this item wasnt defective I probably would have liked it. I own many Frye pieces and color and grain variation are characteristic of these products. However, I dont expect to see a circular dye stain. So its going back.
My 7 year old daughter has been wearing these earrings, day and night, playing, swimming, sleeping, and bathing, for probably six months straight. Pretty much since we took the original earrings out after she had her ears pierced when she turned six.

We took them off one day and put a different pair of screwbacks on. She went to bed with them like she always did with these, and by morning they were *gone*. I eventually located one broken post under her pillow but never did recover either earring. These butterflies went back on and she hasn't taken them off since.
Other colors are great, black pair is still very stiff- even after several washes. Feels like wearing cardboard
Not stainless steel, caused ear lobes to swell.
Great fit and thicker material than than Walmart
Very pretty. Wife loved it
under amor is keeping exactly what i expect them to be. never disappointing.
Great bag.
The white version I got does the same as the black which is good but it broke a bit around one of the shoulder straps. There is a small tear and I'm a bit disappointed considering what was paid. But it is very small and it isnt large enough at the moment to effect the way it shapes my body.
Looked and worked exactly as expected. I'm wearing it now.
These suspenders changed my life. As an egg shaped person with zero butt, I never found a pants/ belt combo that wouldn't fall to the floor with little provocation.

I recently changed careers to work in the medical field. Drawstring scrubs had no chance to stay up. I found myself putting my hands in my pockets just to hold onto my pants. I know I showed some plumbers crack to patients.

Then I bought these suspenders. I have never had so much self confidence. I wear them everyday. I feel a burden has been lifted. They hold up my jeans too. I feel that I look better. I am more confident. I am not nervous about my pants.

They come in beige and black so you can pick which is closest to your skin or clothes color.

I highly recommend for any fat/pregnant/assless people.

My only caveat: the suspenders are a bit obvious under only a tshirt. I have been trying to look better in public so I have stopped wearing t-shirts in public anyway. A button up or a scrub top hide everything fine.
Very Very heavy sunglasses. Maybe it is well made and strong, but it is too heavy, so keep sliding down and very uncomfortable to wear.
in the description picture there are holes right near the end that makes up the 36 " so get one that is 40" to fit a 36" person, other than that i have no complaints. i use my leather belts for anything i can from using as a belt to a oil filter wrench to a knife edge deburring tool so needless to say im not nice to them!
I love these. They look great and have a strong fit. These glasses are of pretty good quality for what they cost. I would definitely buy from this seller again.
Absolutely loved giving this gift! Came with a certificate of authenticity, boxed very nicely. Receiver is super pleased. Would purchase again.
wonderful shades. totally worth the price, the quality is excellent. I absolutely recommend this sunglasses.
Very comfortable!!!
Got it for my BF for Valentine's Day, he loved it, looks durable and rugged.
While I absolutely love the purse, the stitching is sub par. Luckily I was able to fix the bad parts where I could see them by tying the loose stitched together inside the purse, but what concerns me is the stitching I can't see.
I'll give it a couple weeks to test it out, but if it starts puling away from the seams in other parts, back it goes.
It's a pity too because the purse is very cute and the plum colour is amazing!
Bought these for my bf (he wears suspenders everyday for work) and these particular ones stood out to me because they look less 'industrial' than the traditional ones he typically wore. Sure enough, they look really attractive and the quality stands strong. Plus, they have a rad design on the clips. Makes a traditional clothing item feel more unique.
I like the size and straps length.
Not like picture
A potty watch
My dad works in construction, those other wallets didnt last very long, but this one looks like new if you brush off the dust.
The belt looks very nice. I could wear this normally or dressed up. It does not feel weird wearing and I feel good knowing I could tighten my belt and it will stay that tight. Great product.
I have tried many purses over the past two years trying to find that right one. I needed a purse that gives me enough room to hold everything and in separate areas to keep it in order. I also wanted to have the ability to keep each section separate and closed. This purse is lightweight, doesn't hurt my shoulder while carrying and has many separate areas for my things all with zippers! I am so thrilled with this purse that I bought more in my favorite color and also in different colors! I cannot believe the value for the price, so reasonable! This is a must have! Love it with a 10 star review!!!
My favorite belt yet. I'm the king of ruining belts but this one is still holding out